Zoo Day

Stroller caravans, goat gazing, kangaroo petting and picnic lunches with our girlfriends - that's what Zoo days are made of. Clearly, getting a picture of three, one year old little girls looking at the camera is not what Zoo days are for - but we had to try [several times]. I've never been a big animal lover (the smells and hair that come with them are just too much for me to handle) but our Belle LOVES them. She loves following them around, waving at them, reading about them, and babbling away in their general direction. Though I'm sure one day our life will include a pet of her very own, I'm happy with the current situation of only hanging out with furry friends once a week. I'm also loving watching these girls, who've been friends since living in the womb, grow up together. What a great thing!

What's something you'd probably not do on your own, 
that you now do on the reg with your little humans?


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