Thirteen Months

It's amazing how quickly this past month has gone by. I haven't really put my blogging fingers to work much this month, so I'm grateful for this opportunity to do so (I mean, writing about my babe is easy for me to make time for).

I just say she's a year old whenever asked, because who really tracks months after a year anyway? With the exception of these sort of blog posts, not me. It's crazy that just a few weeks ago she turned one. Somehow that seems so far away and just like yesterday at the same time. Belle has grown and learned so much this month. I think I have to start saying I'm the mom of a toddler instead of a baby! Sheesh!

About a week after her birthday she completely weaned. I noticed that the only reason she'd even start nursing was because I was kind of pushing it out of habit, so we just stopped cold turkey one night and never looked back. She hasn't even missed it. I was really nervous it would mess with her going to sleep or even how long she sleeps at night, but it didn't phase her in the least, which proved to me that weaning her when we did was in no way too soon. She drinks cow's milk (2%) three times a day - breakfast, pre-nap, and with dinner and drinks water at all other times. We're not really a juice drinking family so we haven't ventured to anything other than water other than the occasional cup of apple juice at restaurants. 

She's become a great eater. Though it feels like she's eating constantly because she tends to drag her meals out, I'm happy with how much she eats and that she's (usually) excited about trying new things. She eats a lot of grilled turkey & cheese sandwiches and we've been doing green fruit smoothies for breakfast most days (so easy). She decided this month that she likes yogurt as long as it's flavored and she's back to liking bananas if I let her eat it like a big girl. We've also noticed she's a sauce girl - as in we can get her to eat anything she usually doesn't care for if it has sauce on it. 

Her sleeping has been a tad off the past week but it seems she's getting back to her usual rhythm. She typically sleeps from 8:30-8:30 with a short morning nap on my chest and her usual 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon. This past week though she's been refusing to nap in the morning and then screaming when I lay her down at night (totally not like her at all). So I've been giving a lot of extra cuddles before laying her down the past couple nights and it's seemed to get her back to her usual happy to go to bed self. Her bedtime routine (for anyone wondering and for me to remember for the next kid) is that we let her play it out after dinnertime until about 8/8:15 and then Barry gets her ready for bed - jammies, fresh diaper, brushing teeth, drink of water. I usually get her room ready by setting the sound machine, closing the curtains, draping a blanket over the side of her bed to block morning light and turning off any lights in rooms surrounding her room. Then she gives daddy hugs, we wave goodnight and I push her door around, turn off the light and I snuggle her for a few minutes (sometimes seconds if she pushes me away and reaches for bed). Then I give her a kiss and lay her down and she usually rolls over and goes right to sleep as I'm shutting the door behind me. It's what's worked for us. We wanted a short bedtime routine that took no more than 10-15 minutes. That way we can get her in bed quick and whenever someone else needs to watch her overnight some day, it won't be super complicated.

Anyway.... back to current Belle news.

She's a walking champ now! Just in the past couple days has it really become her preferred ways of getting around so when she wobbles and falls down, she pops herself back up and goes for it again. Today she has been primarily walking and it's blowing my mind how quick it all happened. She hasn't quite mastered making precise turns from room to room or how to go over little lips connecting tile to carpet, but she tries it over and over again. It's crazy to be in a different room than her and then all the sudden she's walking in and over to me without any prompting. I love it! Toddlerhood is gonna be fuuuuuun. 
This month she has perfected waving at people and she does it CONSTANTLY. She loves waving at every person she encounters, birds and animals and actually gets a little irritated if they don't wave back. Ha.  
We've discovered that she is starting to fear some things, she usually gets over her fears rather quickly, but it has been interesting (and sad) to see those kinds of reactions in her for the first time. 
As far as talking, she's making all kinds of new sounds and noises, but no real words with the exception of her "mama" being very clear now and her "dada" turning into more of a "daddy". She also sometimes says "hey" when she waves at people. We're continuing to point out what things are and I talk her through things all the time. It's clear she understands what we're saying almost 100% of the time. I'm excited for her sake for the time to come for her to be able to say what she's trying to say when she babbles at us all the time. She has also learned how to go down the stairs by herself as well as get off the couch. She loves doing a downward facing dog pose and waving at us through her legs (I seriously have no idea where she got that). We go for walks in the morning and always stop at the playground on the way home and she LOVES swinging and sliding and has learned how to hold herself so that she can slide down without help. We usually slide about 15 times in a row before she wants to move on. She loves books and will often sit and flip through them for long periods of time by herself. Because of this we have started collecting all kinds of board books so that she can look through them without tearing them up. Her current favorite is "The Pout Pout Fish" - we read that a couple times a day - every day. As of this week she has a new tooth breaking through on top near the molars - so that's made for a fun couple of days. She's learned that it is unacceptable to throw the kind of tantrums I talked about last month. She still throws her fits and does things she knows she's not supposed to, but no more exorcism like tantrums - at least for now. Disciplining has become a daily learning experience... learning how many warnings to give, when to take things away, when to do something else. We have a little girl that knows exactly what she's doing when we tell her not to do something and she does it anyway... it's insane to me that she KNOWS. Goodness. 80% of the time she makes things easy on us though.

She is such a happy, sweet spirited tot!
We're so thankful that she has such a bubbly, laid back personality, it makes our lives so fun!


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