So I don't think I ever stated it when I started, but I had a goal of posting pictures of Belle every week for the first year of her life. Today's post accomplishes that goal and I'm just blown away by how fast it went! My baby is a year old! Tomorrow I'll be posting her one year pics on her FIRST BIRTHDAY with her 12 month update. Today I wanted to share the pictures from her birthday party last weekend!

Homemade icing calls for a little glam!

Me & my sweet!

Sharing with her buddy Ansley!

Little Miss Elsie

Loving having Happy Birthday sung to her!

Incoming Sugar Rush!

I apparently don't have a filter anymore when it comes to the faces I make in public.

Cheesin' real big to thank Nan & Gramps for a new favorite book!

Rockin' her swim cap!

What a group of cuties!

Pickin' & throwin' flowers with Grandma!

This girl LOVES her Aunt Helen!

Golly, we are so thankful for our little pumpkin girl!

She is certainly a loved little girl and we are so blessed to have so many friends who feel like family and who love Belle! Our house was packed {almost to the max} with loved ones wanting to celebrate her first year of life! She was spoiled with treats, gifts and lots of hugs all day long!
My family was unable to come for the party, but my mom and sister drove down to spend a couple days with us. Belle loved all the extra attention and getting to spend time with them!

I'm still processing that tomorrow my sweet baby girl will be ONE!
I'm undoubtedly excited, but a little emotional over how fast it's gone by!

So parents, is there anything you did / wish you did to commemorate your baby's first birthday?


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