She was SO proud of herself for standing so long!

This week has been a week full of ups and downs - both in the weather as well as Belle's mood and even literally as she's getting better at standing on her own and trying to take steps! 
The drama has been coming in droves this week. Belle's small body can't even handle all her big emotions! She'll go from laughing and rolling around on the floor and being as goofy as possible to all of the sudden be screaming at the tops of her lungs. It's a lot of drama for this mama. Looking forward to one day being able to explain to her (and her understand) that having to wait for her food to cool down does not warrant a meltdown or that it is not acceptable for her to fling herself on the floor crying for me taking a rock out of her mouth to keep her from choking or breaking a tooth. Bah. Drama.drama.
On the flip side of the drama, when she's happy, she's really ridiculously happy these days! She laughs and giggles and plays peek-a-boo and gives hugs and quick snuggles all the time now. It's fun to see her personality coming out more each day!
Due to all these crazy emotions taking over her little soul and tuckering her out, she's been curling up with me more often and even fell asleep next to me one day! Something that has never happened! She's always needed cuddled or fed or something prior to falling asleep but she's just go-go-go so much lately that she tuckers herself out to the point where she can't stay awake.
I personally think it's adorable.
She did take her FIRST STEPS this week - only two of them before falling into me, but it's TWO STEPS nonetheless! I've decided the reasons she has such troubles with standing and stepping on her own is that her feet are so dang skinny and she curls her toes almost always, so it's hard for her to balance. Poor thing! 

We also threw her a Birthday party this week, in honor of turning ONE soon! 
Those pics will have to go into a post of their own though ;)


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