This week has been full of sunshine, playdates, window sittin', and giggles! 

~I thought I'd share ( & document) our new bedtime routine!~

This girl goes to sleep on her own nowadays and it's somehow helping her sleep longer.
I really do miss my snuggles before bed, but I'm happy that she's continuing to become an independent little human and that she's happy. We've got a pretty good bedtime routine - Daddy changes her diaper, gets her in her jammers and brushes her teeth. Then I nurse her for a bit until she's relaxed, give her a drink of water to wash her mouth out and she gives daddy a hug. I take her in her room give her a kiss and then she practically lunges for bed! Once I lay her down, she rolls over and curls up on her belly and goes right to sleep. WHAT? How did that happen in a week's time? Like, seriously though.
This week we're going to start adjusting her bedtime/wake time/nap time by 10 minutes each day, so that daylight savings on Sunday isn't quite as harsh of a wake up call!

Friends!!! Our baby turns ONE in two weeks!
I'm kinda freaking out.


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