Arnon Gorge

I do not remember where this was, but we walked around a corner 
and there was a whole valley full of school children wanting their picture taken!

This little Bedouin boy's name is "Shaffe", he held my hand and followed me around for a good twenty minutes. We exchanged pictures for candy and he introduced me to his mama "Haleem" who told me she had four other babies and a husband who had two other wives. Getting to talk with them was one of my favorite parts of the day in Petra.

Dead Sea

I thought I'd post a little "throwback" of one of my favorite places I've ever been.
Exactly four years ago I was on my first (and only at this point) overseas trip in Jordan.
It was part of a Bible lands trip that I got to go on through my time on staff at Cottage Cove.
We went to Rome, Jordan and Israel and Jordan was my favorite - (Rome was a close second)!
Everything was unbelievably beautiful, both the scenery and the people.
With the exception of the first two photos and the last, these were all taken from our day in Petra - which is probably one of the coolest places on earth.

On the funniest of notes:
I believe this is the country that our guide informed me that the fact that I went out with damp hair in the mornings, could give the impression to others that I was a loose woman.
This is also where I was proposed to twice & someone offered 3,000 camels for me.

Where is one of your FAVORITE places you've ever traveled to?


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