Ice Ice Baby

Being a northern girl myself, I laughed when I looked outside this morning and saw that school had been canceled for what looked to be less than a snow drift. Then I walked outside and saw the near inch of ice that was coating everything - including the leaves. AN INCH. 
Ya, ok Tennessee - you may have made the right call this time around.
I can't imagine how crazy the interstates are with this much ice.
It is really pretty to look at though even though I hate ice & snow & cold in general!

Stay warm and safe out there crazies!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you so much Bethany! I had fun taking them - everything seemed so magical covered in ice!

  2. Great minds think alike! Haha. I looove the colors in your pictures. Those icicles are crazy! We didn't really have anywhere for icicles to form, so I only got to see iced up branches and stuff over here. Glad you posted these :)

    1. Oh man, well I'm glad you got to see them then - because the icicles were sick over here! I couldn't believe it!


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