Five Years

Today marks five years of being a MacDonald.
FIVE YEARS of getting to call the best man I know, MY HUSBAND and getting to be HIS WIFEY.
Five years of ups and downs and laughs all around!

I was 19 when my first and only boyfriend proposed to me... nineteen. What? 
If some boy proposes to Belle when she is 19, he'll probably never be heard from again.
We were 20 and 21 when we got married. No surprise, we had some haterzzz... people telling us that we were foolish, that we were throwing away our youth, that we should use our 20's to have fun, that we wouldn't make it. I'm so glad we chose to not to listen to those voices, because these five years have been the best. We have a beautiful life. We've been stressed out, fought, cried, gone through a 10 month overseas deployment but we've also laughed until we've cried, stayed up til the wee hours of morning just talking and dreaming about things, gone on lots of adventures and made a home together - which really, what more could you want?
This year we added a beautiful baby girl to our life together and she is just the best. Getting to grow together as parents has no doubt had it's trying times, but it's also all kinds of amazing. I loooove getting to fall in love with Barry more everyday as I watch him be a daddy. 
He's amazing at it.

So here's to at least 70 more years, sweetheart!
Thank you for always being "for me". For pushing me to grow, for seeing the best in me, for loving me when you see the worst of me, for encouraging me to stand up for myself when I need to and for being my back up when I need help. Thank you for lots of back rubs when nursing was really hard on my body, for filling my water bottle when I forget, for taking Belle when she's fussy and you're exhausted so that I can grocery shop solo. Thank you for fighting with me and not being afraid to say hard things. Thank you for working your tail off this year. Thank you for always putting our marriage at the top of the list and for being the best daddy our little girl could ask for. Thank you for showing me what unconditional love is. 

I love loving you Barry James!


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