It's been a while since I did one of these and when I saw my friend Kelli post one, it inspired me to do the same!

Watching... We're kind of obsessed with watching things lately.... mostly because we don't like to be outside when it's cold and wintery and secondly because we scored a pretty killer deal for huluplus. My current favorite new show is "Reign"... I was always very intrigued by Mary Queen of Scots and her story. So I'm loving that it's kind of coming alive even more for me on screen.

Wearing... I recently went out and bought some new clothes... I love new clothes, but I hate spending money. But I needed a little extra boost in embracing my new mama body. Even though I've lost the pregnancy weight, my curves are not quite where they used to be, so all my clothes were fitting funny. So I've been wearing my new flannel just about everyday... that is when I'm not wearing my new gym pants.

Making... Loaves of cinnamon bread for my friends this weekend. My sister-in-law made some for our stay in the cabin last month and it's to die for! So I'm making a couple loaves for this weekend when some of my best friends come from Indy for a visit! YUM. I'm also going to be making my favorite fresh fruit salad [hence the picture]!

Drinking... Admittedly lately I've been relying on coffee to get me through. Since I adjusted Belle's sleep schedule a couple weeks ago, I'm still not used to waking up an hour earlier yet (pathetic) so I've been splurging on iced coffee a couple times a week. But I'm a busy whatevs!

Finishing... I've been working on decorating our dining room the past couple weeks with a "gallery wall" (gallery wall sounds so fancy - I assure you, ours is not). It's almost done, I just have to finish painting a canvas and hang one more item on the wall and it'll be perfect!

What have YOU been up to lately?

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  1. I love the look of gallery walls and want to get one up in our lying room! I just need to get over my aversion to putting holes in walls and go for it, haha. I can't wait to see what you have up in your gallery wall!

    1. You should do it! I'll be happy to help with it if you want and I can show you what to buy to fill the holes easily if you don't like where they are!

  2. Hey, if you have to paint a canvas for your gallery wall, that sounds pretty fancy to me!


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