The big news this week is that Belle has TWO more teeth! By the time I had discovered them they had already completely cut through the gums, so I'm thinking that's why we had one of those horrible no good days the week before. It's just so hard to think of EVERYTHING your baby could be upset about when they are screaming for no good reason. Her gums were the one thing I didn't check that day. But they are through now and we're on the other side of it! 
This week we also decided it was time to start laying her down for the night while she was awake instead of still nursing her until she was nearly asleep. It'll make weaning her off that bedtime feeding that much less traumatic for her if she's already used to falling asleep completely on her own when the time comes.... or at least I'm hoping my logic there rings true. Ha. Who the heck knows? Babies are all so different. I think she's going to be easy to wean regardless - she only nursed once yesterday and she was right as rain. So that's encouraging. 
We were basically "iced" in all this past week so we both have a bit of cabin fever. We were able to get out twice.... but when we're used to at least getting out of the house for a little bit each day.... yikes. Belle was going stir crazy. Belle being able to hang out with kids yesterday at church was a lifesaver! 

We're hopeful that the "icepocalypse" will chill out and give us our playdates back this week!

Seriously though - what do you mama's do with your almost toddlers when you're stuck at the house for long periods of time? I need some ideas so I'm prepared next go around!


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