48/52 // Eleven Months

Her baby blues are my favorite.

Her toothy smile kills me.

Why is it disappearing, mom?

Those eyelashes.

So serious.

This was her moment of "MOM, why can't I feel my fingers?"

Those little lips.

We braved the cold for a little photo shoot this month. Belle 100% loves the cold, she did find out however that she doesn't like wet cold - rather, what happens when snow melts in your hands and your fingers start to freeze. Ha... we came in promptly and soaked them in warm water.

This month has seemed to fly by so quickly. 
I can't believe that in just another month I'll be the mama of a one year old. WHAT?

Belle is completely on solids and almost solely feeding herself these days - the only times I feed her are when something is really messy and I don't have time to give her a bath or she's eating something that requires a spoon. Her current favorites are frozen peas & corn, peanut butter & jelly sandwiches and her morning pancake with cream cheese. I fix each meal with some sort of protein as well as a fruit or vegetable and usually some sort of grain and of course sometimes just a plate full of sweet potato fries. She loves cheese sticks and blueberries and anything she sees me eating. She did have her first bite of cake this month and LOVED it. So no worries about her not touching her birthday cake next month. Just this past week we went down to nursing only twice a day (Praise be to God) which is half of what she was doing last month. She likes to go straight for breakfast in the morning so she has a cup of almond milk to quench her thirst. She nurses sometime between 11am-noon and takes a little cat nap while nursing. Then lunch and her bottle right before her afternoon nap. A couple times this week she'll nurse for maybe two minutes right after her nap but for the most part she's completely stopped even expecting it. She eats dinner shortly after her nap and then plays until bedtime when she nurses and goes down for the night. It's made my life a little less crazy and I'm finally getting the hang of putting meals together for her. 

We started putting her down for the night a little earlier this month - instead of 9/9:30, I start nursing her at 8/8:30 and she's usually out before 9pm. It is nice to feel like I have more of an evening after she's asleep, but it does make evening plans out of house have to end a little earlier than we like - she also wakes up earlier (8am)... but that's not a huge deal since I can no longer sleep past 7am. We also started using a sound machine in her room this month - It helps us feel more at ease going through the house and making noise and not having to wonder if she's going to wake up.

She started saying MAMA this week - she really only says it when she is upset and wants my attention immediately, but I still love hearing it. Haha. She can say "Hey" as well. She likes to "roll" things back and forth (her version of rolling is sort of throwing whatever object in your general direction - it's cute). She's still working on standing solo, but she is getting closer and closer. She loooooves grocery shopping and "waving" at every person we come into contact with (her version of a wave is to throw her hand up like a salute). She likes playing on our bed and looking out the window each afternoon. She's been babysat quite a few times this past month and has done great! Belle is a great sharer - she loves grabbing things and handing them over. If I see her grab something she shouldn't be playing with, I usually just have to hold out my hand and she'll place it there. Hopefully she'll continue to be good at sharing as toddlerhood comes on. This month she has been an absolute cuddlebug. She's been giving hugs, patting our backs while we hold her, caressing our faces, coming up to us and just laying her head on our chest or in our laps. It's been THE BEST. We were hoping that she would eventually become a cuddler again since she hasn't been in so long. It just makes me swoon every time she crawls up and snuggles in!

One more month folks... ONE MORE MONTH and our baby girl will really no longer be a baby, she'll practically be a toddler! Time for BIRTHDAY plans for the babe!


  1. These pictures are so adorable! It sounds like everything is settling down for you guys and getting all snuggly :) I'm so glad. I'll have to try the pancakes with cream cheese for Ada, sounds yummy!

    1. Thanks girl! She's definitely still throwing tantrums, but this past week has been SO much better as far as that goes. It's Belle's favorite thing to eat each day. I just get the gluten free frozen waffles from Aldi - not so much because they are gluten free, but because they are the perfect size for babies/toddlers and they are frozen, so you just heat 'em up real quick and they're done! So easy!


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