Don't let the pictures fool you - this little girl has been quite the handful (terror) this week. She has been so unpredictable, I've hardly been able to handle it. She's been whining and fussing at the drop of a hat and screaming before naptime and bedtime (complete flipflop from last week) and being super picky at mealtime. Who knows. She also won't let me out of her sight after I left her for a couple hours one evening. Ever since then, she freaks out, if I so much as enter a different room than her. Oddly enough she did just fine when she was babysat on Friday and was in the nursery on Sunday. She's a trip. I'm so frazzled after this week (and without coffee today) that I'm not even sure this post makes much sense (insert crazy face emoji here). Hopefully I'll catch some sanity during her nap this afternoon!


  1. Oh my goodness Emily, I am so in this rocky boat with you. Ada has been throwing full-on kicking screaming tantrums lately. UGH. She has a third UTI and she's teething this week, so I definitely understand why she's fussy, but I'm going crazy haha. I hope sweet little Belle gets back to her laid back self for you soon!

    Also, if you don't already have some good aromatherapy bath salts/bubble bath: treat yo self! Seriously. Hot, aromatic baths are my saving grace at the end of the day after Ada is in bed :)

  2. Poor baby girl! Ya, I totally understand why she wouldn't be thrilled with life, but goodness - it doesn't help anyone's sanity to have to deal with tantrums!
    Yesssss! I've decided that "treat yo' self" needs to be every mama's motto!
    Hugs and prayers for you and Ada as you go through this crazy stage too! If you need a mama & baby date - even to just talk about how crazy our girls are, let me know!


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