I just can't...... she's just too much.

I told her it was yucky, this was her reaction after testing that warning.

Big things happened this week! 
Things that I was starting to worry may never happen - they happened!! And I couldn't be prouder of my girl! 
First Belle dropped a nursing "sesh"... she no longer has to nurse before breakfast. She started fighting me hard two days in a row (like biting, laughing at me, and pushing me away), so the next morning I decided not to even attempt it and just sit her booty down for breakfast. Miracle of all miracles she ate her full breakfast and then didn't need to nurse until lunchtime (which has always been the time she nurses next anyway). Whew - I was ecstatic - and still am! I kept thinking to myself lately that she is going to be the hardest child to wean because she just loves to nurse, but then she goes and basically weaned herself of one feeding. It was very encouraging to say the least.

On top of that, she also has stopped nursing to sleep (another huge concern of mine). She'll nurse as usual before bed and then stop herself when she is full and just snuggle until I lay her down. Our pediatrician told me to break that habit a while ago but I ignored the advice because that meant she'd have to cry herself to sleep every night and I'm just not about that life. So again - encouraged and relieved that Belle is basically teaching herself this stuff and no tears have had to be involved.

Everything else to do with this week has been amazing as well! 
Belle is just in a really really great mood lately. She has been all smiles, giggles, and scrunchy faces! I don't know if it's because she's sleeping sounder (we finally put a sound machine in her room), or if the new habits she created this week are somehow helping her mood... but goodness, I can't get enough of it! It could also be the fact that we weren't cooped up in the house all week!
So thankful for the sunshine! 

Question for the breastfeeding mamas
Did your babes wean themselves for the most part and if they did, when did they start doing it?


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