Belle's First Christmas

She was so amused by this lion that lights up and talks to you.

A bit blurry, BUT SHE'S STANDING.

This has quickly become one of her favorite toys.

She loves her Aunt Helen.

Grandma babysat for a little bit!

Great Grandparents & a fussy Belle.

Christmas angel... errrr shoe chomper.

It may be the new year, but I'm just now getting Belle's first Christmas documented. Why? Because I'm the mother of a very active, hardcore teething (therefore fussybutt), lovey little 10 month old. Whew. The past couple weeks have been a doozy. I'm hoping to get better at documenting moments shortly after they take place, but we'll see how that goes the older (and I'm sure more active) our little pumpkin gets!

Belle was as amused with Christmas as a baby can be. She was truly uninterested in unwrapping gifts and once said gifts were opened, she was generally more intrigued by the boxes than the toys themselves.
Ha, things are cliche for a reason, people. 
We spent Christmas day and the few days surrounding it up visiting my family in Indiana and then spent time with Barry's family the weekend after. We're very thankful for such flexible families when it comes to the holidays
(can I get an amen for drama-less schedules?)!
She has since very much enjoyed all of her new belongings - especially all the new musical ones from Grandma. Her Nan & Gramps got her a fun book teaching her colors and it's the only book she will sit and let me read to her. She loves it - we read it several times a day (because like I said - it's the only book she likes). Grandpa gave us the funds to buy a Nashville Zoo membership come springtime - so we're going to love that once the weather warms up! She was gifted several other things from Great Grandparents, Aunts & Uncles that is keeping her warm and/or she is thoroughly enjoying playing with these days. She is one loved little babe. Barry and I decided to forego buying her gifts this year because we knew she'd be given more than enough toys from other family members.

Overall it was a wonderful holiday season spent with family
and our little gift of a daughter made the holidays even more special than they ever have been!


  1. Her candycane leggings are so CUTE! I die.

    1. I know, I want her to wear them all year long!


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