Belle had a big week! We spent most of the week in a cabin in the woods with the MacDonald side of the family. She experienced her first snow, some of the worst screaming/sleeping of her life, and got a lot of playtime in with her cousin, Malachi. She's a weirdo and loves cold breezes - so she loved being taken outside while it was snowing. She didn't know what to think of snow though....
it kept disappearing when she touched it and she couldn't figure out why. Ha.
Last night she learned how to crawl up the stairs and did it with such ease - you'd think she had been doing it forever. It was crazy. I'm still a bit blown away by the fact that she just did it after never having tried before. She's also taking steps on her walker toy pretty regularly these days as well as standing herself up as often as she can. It's so fun to watch her grow... it's happening a little too fast for my liking - but I can't help but be excited for her as she discovers new things about life and the way things work!


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