Can we talk about this? So much sass!

Using her new toy to practice walking! Thanks Grandma :)

This week has been a little crazy for baby girl. Last week she was waking up an hour and half early and then BOOM all of the sudden she's sleeping in an hour past her usual time. She's also having a harder time going to sleep at night. We experienced her worst "cry herself to sleep" night on Saturday. It was heart wrenching to be sure. Poor thing was fighting it so hard. Her second tooth is coming in, which probably has a lot to do with her restlessness. It's sad having to listen to your baby crying in pain and knowing there isn't much you can do but give her medicine and cuddle her. 
On the flip side though, she has had a couple of really good days. Her moods are all over the place lately... but when she's happy, maaaaan - that girl is happy! I'm loving it - she's been cuddly, giggly and super playful. Trying to enjoy those moments as much as possible seeing as her moods can turn in quite the opposite direction later that day. It's gotta be rough for a baby sometimes - growing so fast and having no idea what is going on half the time. Super thankful for a babe that handles it with grace most of the time.


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