10 months // 44/52

Golly, I can't believe our little nugget is 10 months old already!
She's accomplished so much this month!

Last month our pediatrician told us to make the switch from purees to solid foods and to work on letting her feed herself. Although she gets an occasional food pouch (usually while we're out or on the road) she's feeding herself solids on a daily basis now and she now has TWO little teeth to munch things up with! We've tried lots of new foods this month including - yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese, mango, raisin toast, broccoli, cauliflower, hummus, beans, pasta with tomato sauce. She tries everything at least once. She LOVES my raisin toast and pasta, not a huge fan of cottage cheese or broccoli though. She still nurses 4 times a day + a bottle, although we've had a couple days where she's only nursed 3 times... so I think that's about to happen - I hope that's about to happen. Haha.

Her sleeping this month has just been all out of whack. Between traveling for the holidays and our trip to the mountains it has just messed with her. She was waking up an hour and half early for about a week and then sleeping in for 45 minutes one week, not taking naps, taking naps for only half her regular amount of time. UG. I can't wait for her to get back on track.... I feel like I'm a zombie. My friends that have babies that don't sleep on a regular schedule must be superheroes. Cause one month of this craziness and I'm ready to say Belle will be an only child. Haha.

I've started her on a new waking/feeding schedule recently and it seems to be helping a bit. We just have to tweak the nap-time so that she stays asleep for her regular 2.5 hours. Switching her back to her regular nap time seems to do the trick, but she just gets so fussy waiting for that time to come.

She started clapping her hands this month, can start a game of peek-a-boo with us, learned how to climb UP the stairs, can take a few steps while pushing her walker, can stand on her own for a few seconds at a time, can now scream at volumes previously undiscovered, as well as throw tantrums when she is told "no". She can open (cracked) doors, sign "all done", and is trying to learn how to throw or toss things. Admittedly this month she's been a bit of a handful... there have been so many fun things going on that are making me love this stage of her development, but there have been a few things that make me want to hide in my room sometimes. This week she almost exclusively wanted me... didn't want anything to do with Daddy, didn't want to be left alone for a single minute. That was not fun. I know everyone says to enjoy it while it lasts.... but good grief - I'd like to pee every once in awhile without her wailing outside the door. It already seems to be letting up a little bit and she's getting back to her normal happy, independent self, but the past couple weeks were a little rough. But like I said - it was a fun month too! I love watching her grow and learn new things - it makes me so proud when I see how proud of herself she is.

We're so blessed to be this little munchkin's parents.... even through the tough stuff, she always makes us smile!


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