Belle has had a big week! She seems to be growing at the speed of light lately!

She has become a pro at crawling and sitting herself up this week. She's so cute to watch do both of those things because it's obvious that she's really proud of herself. She's also becoming more skilled at pulling herself up - on EVERYthing. She won't always go all the way to her feet, but she pulls herself up on whatever she can find - which has made me have to baby proof a little more. It's crazy to think that just a couple weeks ago she was doing none of this stuff and then BOOM - all of it! 
Just a couple days ago she said her first word - "Dada" - I don't think she realizes what she's saying but she says it constantly - over and over again all day. She refuses to even try saying "Mama". Haha. We're also relatively positive that she mimicked Barry yesterday and said "hey you" back to him. We couldn't get her to repeat it, but it's obvious that she's trying to mimic the sounds she hears, which is awesome! 

Also this week she experienced her first round of constipation which turned her into a little fussy butt (quite understandably). Four days of grunting and whining and no naps - whew. Right when I finally got a hold of a pediatrician and went and got the stuff to help her go, she blew out her diaper big time and then again a few hours later. It was funny, because she immediately became my happy girl again. Haha. Glad that's over with!


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