Our little pumpkin had her first head cold this week - thankfully it never got worse than that... just lots and lots of snot (and snuggles and tears too). I made her a homemade chest rub as soon as I realized what was going on and that helped her breathe and sleep normally. Other than that, there's really not a whole lot you can do - babies don't know how to blow their nose on command, so it just runs and runs and grosses everyone out.Belle whipped her head back and forth so fast while I was trying to wipe her nose that I've decided it could be a Survivor challenge to try to wipe a baby's nose without wiping it all over their face. Sheesh. Oh well - I'm just glad we made it without a fever or anything else to speak of. 
Like I said last week, we also spent the entire week sleep training so that on Sunday the time change wouldn't really affect our schedule. Nights were rough keeping her up an extra hour, but it was so worth it yesterday when I had to actually go wake her up because she was sleeping in. I had even gotten up early because I didn't think the sleep training would actually work... but I'm so glad she proved me wrong! After yesterday morning going so smoothly with me getting up quite a bit earlier than her, I've chosen to keep trying to get up at what would've been my normal time since I wake up on queue every morning. It's really nice to have an hour to myself before Belle wakes up... especially since she's not napping much these days. This week we're going to be trying different nap times to see if she needs to start taking two short naps instead of me trying to get her to wait until the afternoon for a long one. We'll see what happens.

In BIG news - Belle pulled herself all the way up onto her feet for the first time yesterday! We were sitting eating lunch on the couch and she decided she wanted to join us. First she got up to her knees which I freaked out over because it was the first time she had done that completely by herself and then BOOM! 2 seconds later she was up on her feet! I cried. She's growing up way too fast for my liking.
She also discovered that she can crawl over our pillow railing in the living room. So who knows what we're going to do about that. The special sized baby gate we'd need to separate the two levels in our living room is a little pricey... so I guess she's going to have to stay on the bottom level or I'm going to have to sit with her while she plays on the top level from now on. Haha.


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