7 Months

Our little slice of pumpkin pie is 7 months old as of yesterday! 
She continues to be our very active, wiggle worm. She started crawling two weeks ago and is getting faster and more skilled at it with each passing day. She's also becoming more curious - going in and out of rooms in the house, up and down the hallway... She'll be playing in her room when I get in the shower and then she's in a completely different place when I get out! YIKES. 

New this month is that she's finally a big fan of food. She eats about half a jar of baby food at lunch and again at dinner. I think her aversion to food before was the texture... now that she has it completely smooth, she's a much happier eater. Her favorites are prunes, spinach & potato, pumpkin & apple, apple mixed with anything really. She also likes teething on slices of fruit or sucking on an orange slice. She uses her sippy cup (water only) after her lunch and dinner meals and sometimes while we're out and I can't nurse or feed her right away. 

Lately she's not been a great sleeper during the day... like straight up choosing to just be unhappy most of the day because she won't take a nap. Silly girl. But she's still sleeping 10-11 hours straight at night.... so I really shouldn't complain. But holy poop it makes such a difference when she naps. 

This past week we started giving her big girl baths and she LOVES them... splashing around in the water while she sits up in the tub by herself (don't worry, one of us is always within grabbing reach). 

She's still just the happiest little human (although she's definitely come into her own on the screaming and crying front - that girl can cry, I tell ya). She loves bouncing in her door jumper, laughing and giggling when we play peekaboo games with her, smiling and babbling constantly. CUUUUTIE.

She's a keeper for sure!


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