Can I just brag on Belle and say she is just an angel baby? Because she is. She has her crazy moments and I've wanted to pull my hair out a few times - but that's never been the norm and Barry and I are so thankful for that fact! 
This week I decided to start training her to fall asleep on her own and other than one nap time so far, I've been able to lay her down at naps and bedtime somewhat or completely awake and she hasn't thrown a fit. I'm hoping this continues because it's been really freeing knowing that if we ever wanted to stay out late one night in the future we have hopes that a babysitter could put her to bed. We're going to continue doing this from here on out. Next is to figure out if I can break her of needing nursed right before bed because I only plan on nursing until she hits the one year mark (which is coming up so soon... good grief!). I'm just sure that's what keeps her asleep so long each night, making me very nervous to change that. So we'll see. lol
This week we're just going to focus on getting her schedule knocked up an hour so that the time change on Sunday actually allows me to gain an hour of sleep :) 


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