Thanks Mammy & Pappy for the onesie!

First big girl bath - with bubbles & everything

This week in the life of Belle, she has become mommy glue. She must be able to see me at all times or better yet, I need to be holding her. It's a little exhausting to say the least, but I'm trying to embrace it the best I can, by remembering that it won't always be like that. Thank goodness for my baby wearing get-up!

It started last week, but this week she's definitely got crawling down. Some babies do bearcrawls, our babe's favorite way to get around is "the inchworm". She's funny... she usually likes to take her time, feeling the carpet, touching the walls, rubbing the grains on the doors she comes across. UNLESS she's headed for the stairs or something like computer cords.... then she's on a mission to get there before I can get to her. Pssh... little stinker. It's so fun to watch her get around and do her thing. She's usually such an independent thing, I knew it would make her an even more content baby and it has - she plays by herself much better now that she can get to her toys on her own and just move around the rooms she's in.

So mama's, any tips for the
"must have mama & mama only" phase?


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