Fall has always been my favorite season, but now having a baby I appreciate it even more. 
It's the perfect weather to get outside and do things with Belle without worrying if she's going to get too hot and everything is just beautiful. There are also lots of fun things to do in the fall, so win-win-win!
We've been traveling to parks a lot to walk around with other mama/baby duos but we've also just been enjoying laying on a blanket in our own yard. Being outside changes Belle's mood immediately, she can be fussing and crying inside for no reason and the second I take her outside, she's happy as a clam! This is a huge help lately because she's become fussy a little more often. I think she's just teething, but who knows. She's definitely going through something though! 

Tomorrow she's going to be away from me for a full day for the first time. I'm kind of freaking out. Pray for the two of us if you think of it. I have no idea how she'll do being away from me for such a long time and I'm going to feel really strange without her.


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