Play date with her new cousin Malachi
 This was a very busy week for baby girl. We had something going on nearly every day and also had an out of town weekend trip. Due to that schedule, it seems she's either just overtired today or possibly has a bit of a cold, so my update will be probably be short & quick. 
She hardly napped at all last week - partly because we were go-go-go and partly because she's a stubborn-independent little thing. Hopefully naps will make a comeback this week because I'm just flat out exhausted. She's doing great at eating - we found a new favorite: Prunes (of all things). We're going to up her meals to twice a day now and see how that goes. She's so funny, she insists on feeding herself. She grabs the spoon and shoves it in her mouth as often as she can (hence the messssssssy eating). She also loves her sippy cup. She hasn't quite figured out that she has to tip it to get the water out, but she's pretty darn close. We haven't tried anything but water in it, and it'll probably stay that way for a couple more months at least. I mean why does a baby need juice? Straight sugar..... no thanks.
Anyway, like I said, she may have a bit of a cold because she has a runny nose for the first time in her life (no fever though or anything else, praise.the.Lord). Hopefully getting back into her normal routine this week will fix that in a hurry - just in time for daylight savings to kick both of our butts with a "new" wake-up time.


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