26/52 // SIX MONTHS

Our little chickadee turns six months old on Wednesday! It's incredible how fast it's gone by! 

She had her six month checkup last week and she was given a perfect bill of health! 

Weighing in at 14lbs she's right where she needs to be but we're supposed to work her up to three solid food meals a day before her next appointment. We're starting with a lunchtime meal and so far she's still only swallowing foods with avocado mixed in - her favorite is avocado and blueberry. We tried peaches and banana the other day and she was not about that crap. We also were instructed to start giving her water in a sippy cup and this morning I learned that cold water is a very, very bad idea - threw it all up. She's still our little short stack (according to percentiles and such) at 24 inches, but no one is worried about that. She's a petite babe after all. 

Her newest tricks include sticking her tongue out and blowing raspberries like there's no tomorrow and that she's on the verge of crawling. SO CLOSE! She lifts herself up off the floor a little more each day. All she needs to do is figure out how to mover her arms while she's up and she'll be taking off. She's already very mobile in that she can roll and turn herself wherever she's made her mind up to go. She'll do a double or triple roll and turn herself around if it gets her to her favorite toy! We can no longer leave her alone on the top floor of the living room. Baby gates are a purchase in our very near future I'm pretty sure!

Our little girl never ceases to amaze and entertain us!
....Errrr speaking of which, I need to go get her before she eats the grocery bag on the floor
*babyproofing to come*


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