I'm currently needing to get out of town - or at least get out of my house and go do something in my own town. But really, I just want to hop on a plane and go somewhere for a couple weeks - just me, Bear, & Belle and have no responsibilities for a while. Barry has been working non-stop this summer and I feel like my to-do list is never ending and it would just be really nice if we could disappear to an island or anywhere-but-here kind of place... unfortunately we're not first-world rich and traveling is expensive.

At this very moment I'm listening to Coldplay but with my varied taste in music I'm sure my playlist will pop over to Lee Brice here shortly and then ping pong over to 5 Seconds of Summer. Yep.

Currently I've been craving donuts on the daily. It takes a lot of self control to not just drive down to the newly renovated Krispy Kreme or around the corner to Shipley's or to just pop one in my grocery cart at Kroger. I'm not kidding.... I know all my options and think about them regularly. It's a problem... possibly a stumbling block.

Lately I've been jumping for joy over every little thing Belle does - she's such a cool little human - constantly discovering and experiencing new things and I'm just really proud of her!

Today I've been building list upon list of things that need taken care of, places I want to go, ideas I have for blog posts, and projects I want to start at some point before summer is over. I needed to take a break because I was starting to overwhelm and slightly depress myself with so much. Ha.

Well I've gotta get ready for the day!
Happy Friday!
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