Our pumpkin girl turned 5 MONTHS old yesterday! 
I'm trying not to think of how quickly that flew by, but whew.... it went SO FAST! 

She's our little talker & mover. She never stops talking & screeching & giggling... it's so funny! 
Even though she's not crawling, she can still manage to end up in totally different places than where I left her. She's still our little visual child that has to check everything out, knows immediately if someone walks in or out of a room, rarely falls asleep while we're out because she has to keep her eye on everything. She's still not a huge fan of food but we discovered that avocado is her bread and butter. She loves it - it's really the only thing I can get her to eat. Her teething, though still happening, doesn't seem to be giving her pain right now. We do have to carry her teething rings with us everywhere as she always wants them to chew on. She's back to napping regularly- usually a 2-3 hour one every afternoon and she still sleeps through the night. [What a dream]. We've noticed that as much as she likes people, she gets really overwhelmed around a big group of people she doesn't know. I would not be surprised if she's an introverted kid. She'd get it honest, that's for sure. Nursing is going pretty well these days as she's not eating every hour anymore - we can actually go about 3 hours during the day in between meals and a couple hours in the evening! She has decided nursing under a cover is no longer an option 99% of the time, so that's been fun to figure out when out in public. 

She's still out little angel babe, we're so thankful to be her parents!


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