4 Months

Holy Cannoli, our baby girl is 4 months old! 

We had her checkup last week and she is growing like a weed! She's more than double the size she was when she was born, coming in at 12.5 pounds! Our little half pint is still on the shorter side of things at 23 inches, but with her petite frame, I'm not surprised. Her head measures in the 70th percentile - which I guess means she has a big noggin! She also had her second round of shots... poor baby. I hate seeing her cry, she sticks that big ol' bottom lip out and I just can't stand it. As soon as the nurse put bandaids on her little battle wounds, I swooped her right up to calm her down. She was a champ, she didn't cry after we left the Dr's office.

Current favorite reading material

 Her reactions to watermelon (on the left) and bananas (on the right).

She's still as happy as a clam - even when she's upset, her sweetness still shines through. 
She loves books now, we sit down and read just about everyday - sometimes twice a day. When I'm not reading to her, she likes to play with her toy elephant or just look around. She's very observant no matter what we're doing - she loves looking around and checking things out before she does anything else. She's picking herself up on her elbows and rolling over all the time now. She's hilarious to watch when she's on her tummy because she's trying to figure out her arm & leg coordination to crawl. She sticks her booty up the air or kicks with all her might until she wears herself out. She really loves to be outside, so much so that whenever she's fussy for no reason, I take her outside and she calms down immediately. We've started letting her play around with food - so far she's had mashed up bananas (she hated it), a taste of my homemade pizza sauce (loved it), and I let her gnaw on some watermelon (loooooved that). She's still sleeping 10-11 hours straight through the night and generally takes a 1-2 hour nap in the afternoon (praise the Lord!). Overall she's a very happy, healthy, sweet as can be baby. She makes this whole parenting thing pretty enjoyable!

Belle really is our angel baby!


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