This is what she does while I do laundry

hugs for daddy


Our happy little punk'in appears to be putting on a little weight this week, I swear she gained an extra pound somehow. She's got a little double chin and her arms and legs are turning into roly-polys. I love it.
She experienced her first evening away from us this week while we went on a date, she hung out with Nan & Gramps. Other than being the stubborn little thing she is when it came to taking a bottle, she did great! 
She's taking less and less naps.... it's down to 1 or 2 a week instead of every other day. So that's been a learning curve -still trying to accomplish things even though she's constantly needing my attention. We're figuring it out though - baby wearing is a lifesaver! This week we're gearing up for another trip to Indiana so we're excited about that! She rarely sleeps in the van anymore, so we'll see how she does!


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