This week has been a bit of a doozy. Belle had a three day growth spurt.... where I basically didn't leave her presence or the living room for longer than a shower. She was literally eating every hour and when she wasn't eating she wanted to be held. It was exhausssssting. 
I mean, I loved it & felt like I was losing it at the same time. 
She bounced back not a moment too soon.

Barry was at drill this weekend, so I had to brave going to church with Belle by myself with her possibly being in a terrible mood. Luckily she wasn't. She was happy as a clam as per usual... she really loves worship time because Barry and I bounce her to the music while she watches everyone sing. It's cute. 
She's really trying to sit up these days.... she's such a wiggle worm she can't sit still enough to figure it out quite yet, but she's definitely getting there - I have no doubt she'll be sitting on her own in less than a month!


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