Sunday Best

Sleepy Girl

She's always got one hand gripping a foot and one hand in her mouth!

Our little peanut is talking up a storm this week... it's so flippin' cute! If you talk back with the same noise she makes, she'll have a conversation with you. It's one of my favorite parts of our morning together. 
We're also noticing that she'll keep eye contact longer these days and she's starting to notice other babies. She's getting closer to crawling each day which is hard to believe, but from the get-go this little one has wanted to move and do her own thing. She's just about got the leg motions down and can push up on her knees to get her butt off the ground. If she could just figure out those arms, she'll be crawling in no time! 
She's constantly impressing us and making us look really good. She's just a happy observant baby out in public 90% of the time (the other 10% only happening when she's hungry and I can't nurse right away). We're so thankful for her happy, sweet attitude!


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