Probably the funniest picture I have ever taken of her.... I can't stop laughing.

This has been a pretty busy week for my little boo. We've had things to do and people to hang out with just about every day. She constantly amazes me with just how sweet and calm of a baby she is while we're out and about. She's starting to ham it up with the smiles and trying to figure out how to laugh.... be still my heart. It's the cutest thing I have ever experienced.

Since she turns 3 Months old tomorrow, I thought I'd combine the posts this week since I'll be traveling. 

Our little sleeping beauty still snoozes from about 9:30pm- 9am... with a quick feeding sometime around 7ish every couple days, otherwise she stays asleep the whole night. She'll nap for a few minutes here and there during the day, usually while riding in the van or right after she eats, but otherwise she's go,go,go ALL day long. Whew... she wears me out in the best possible way! 

Her personality is coming out more with each passing day. She loves talking and hearing people talk back, so it's something we do a lot of. Like I mentioned before, she's trying to figure out how to laugh so she's making a lot of reeeeeally cute noises. I've noticed she's a very visual kid.... she will forget her hunger, that she needs changed or anything else she should probably be thinking about, if she has a new environment to discover. It's so neat to watch her discover new things!

Tomorrow we go on our second road trip this month, but it'll just be the girl and me. It should be a fun adventure! We're going to spend a few days visiting my family and friends in Indy. I can't wait to introduce Belle to everyone! 


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