This week has been a bit of a doozy. 

I made it a goal to get her bottle trained again, so that Barry and I can have a hope of going on a date again. The first time I tried last week it was baaaaaaaad. She threw up so much that it came out her nose and she sneezed spit up for several minutes. I felt so bad.... she didn't know what was happening, poor baby. :( By the end of the week I realized it was because of the special bottle we were still using... her gag reflex couldn't take the longer nipple size, so I switched over to a regular bottle and as long as she takes it slow she's fine. Thank.The.Lord.
So that's a win for the week.

She also experienced another growth spurt that lasted about three days.... non stop eating, lots of fussing BUT lots of snuggles too and sleeping all day. So yaaa...... those are always fun.

Yesterday was rough.... she would just burst out screaming - out of nowhere - ALL DAY. She had her first public outburst at Target - twice. I had to nurse her shortly after arriving, in a corner of the Starbucks where all the passer-byes were giving me either confused or dirty looks. Then half way through my shopping trip she lost her mind and was inconsolable. So I plopped my butt down on a display chair in the outdoor department and let her eat. Most awkward 15 minutes of my life. But it saved the whole store from listening to my baby scream for an hour.... so another win I guess. 

Pumpkin is starting to get so big that we decided it was time to move her to her pack'n'play so she can get used to sleeping on her back instead of in her rocker. Although it was the first time I've ever had to let her cry herself to sleep, she's perfect as usual... she slept through the night like a champ! #praise

So it's been a pretty crazy week - a good one, but a crazy one for sure.
She's still a happy, silly, sweet girl.... but man, when she's upset... watch out! Haha.

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  1. She is just so cute :) Totally been there with feeding baby in the middle of a shopping area....Either dirty looks from nursing or from having a screaming baby, and nursing=shorter amount of dirty looks. Super cute!


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