Several times this week, Barry and I have talked about how big Belle is getting! Seriously, she seems huge to us most of the time! In reality, she's still very petite, but compared to the little 5 1/2 pounder we brought home a couple months ago, she's ginormous!

Her new thing this week is sucking on her fist. She's kind of been doing it for a couple weeks now, but now she's got it down and does it all the time. She hates pacifiers - literally gags 90% of the time I try giving her one. So I'm glad she has finally found a way to self soothe. She also just really loves her hands in general. I'm still not sure she's "seen" them and realized they are her hands... but she likes to keep them up in front of her face a lot or fold her hands together (probably one of the cutest things she does). 

She's become a bit of night owl this week - I'm thinking vacation just plain tuckered her out and messed up her schedule a bit. She's been fighting sleep until about 11pm each night. She still sleeps for about 7/8 hours until she wakes up again but I definitely miss getting to bed before midnight. Today I plan to keep her awake for longer stretches, in hopes that she'll be worn out and snoozing by 9:30. We'll see how it goes. 

Also this week she's finally discovered rolling and how to do it when she wants to do it. She had rolled a couple times before but it was always a huge struggle. Now she does it almost immediately after I put her on her tummy. One day this week I really wanted her to spend some time on her tummy and she just wasn't having it so she kept rolling until I gave up and let her stay on her back for a while. It was really funny! She still can't roll from her back to her tummy, but we'll get there eventually. She's already one of the strongest babies I know, so I'm sure when she wants to do it, she'll have no problem.

Well I'm off to wake her up from her morning nap! 


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