I literally can't believe our sweetie is two months old already!
This past month hasn't been easy but it hasn't been difficult either. She brings so much joy to our lives, I can't comprehend life without her!

She was a champ at her two month checkup and took her shots a lot more gracefully than we expected. She's weighing in perfectly at 9.5 lbs and is a little on the petite side with her height.

We've finally found our place with breastfeeding and have hopefully seen the last of any sort of nursing related infection in either one of us.

She's so strong! She loves working her muscles by kicking her legs constantly, lifting her head and keeping it up on her own almost always, and practicing standing with us holding her from toppling over. For such a little person she's pretty astounding!

She loves being outside, anytime, anywhere. We take a lot of walks and sit outside whenever the weather is nice!

She has stopped napping and saves sleeping almost exclusively for nighttime. Every once in a while she'll fall asleep in the van while running errands or while I'm still holding her right after eating. For the most part though, she prefers to be awake and consuming all of my time during the day.... I don't mind one bit because it means I get several hours of uninterrupted sleep each night.

Pumpkin a little pack of sunshine for sure... we're very lucky to have such a happy baby. She still really only screams and cries when she's hungry. Otherwise she loves squawking. making silly faces, smiling and looking at the world around her!

Our little Belle is happy, healthy, growing baby! 


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