Our New Space

At the start of the year Barry set out on making our little "shoebox" home a bit bigger to make room for our growing family. He designed and built, from the *literal* ground up, an addition to the back of our house. Instead of it becoming it's own little room, he attached it to what was once our bedroom and made it into our new living area. Because of this, we now also have a dining room where our old living room used to be. He did an awesome job and it was so neat watching him plan and work away at it! We were very blessed with friends who came over and worked in the bitter cold several weekends in a row, friends who helped us when funds ran short, and friends who even traveled from out of state to spend a week working on it when we were running out of time before Belle's arrival. Seriously so blessed. God used this project to show us so much love and grace from so many people!

Well now that I've talked about it, let me show you...

The first step in the process was a lot of digging and pouring the concrete foundation... but I didn't brave the incredibly cold and muddy elements for a picture... so you'll have to use your imagination.

Next came all the framing.

I tried to stay inside when I knew he was climbing around up there.

Our amazingly selfless friends from Steppin-Out Missions came down from Ohio for a whole week to help us quickly finish the walls, roof, insulation, knock down the inside wall, and put drywall up... amongst a billion other things! Because of their hard work, Barry and I were able to spend a little non-working time together before Belle got here... something we hadn't had for about 2 months at that time.

Full on construction zone.

After the crew left it was up to Barry to get the drywall mudded and sanded and get the walls painted.

The above picture was taken about an hour before I went into labor... Haha.

During his paternity leave Barry was able to finish the flooring and details of the room with the help of a couple good friends.

We absolutely love our new space and are so thankful to have the extra room as baby stuff takes up a lot of room! The layout of the room looks a wee bit different now as I've rearranged some furniture. Hopefully one day soon we'll get around to hanging some things on the walls and adding a few more touches to make it more homey... but for now it's perfect and we love it!


  1. That looks so great! How cool that you guys built that from the ground up!

  2. Wahoo! It DOES look great! And it was cozy when we got to stop by to see Belle. Soo much fun! So happy for y'all!


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