This has been a week full of big changes!
I had to go on antibiotics this week due to another breastfeeding related infection. Because of this my milk supply was a little weak and caused Belle to lose a little weight and for her sleeping to be off a couple nights (I was up every two hours or so... just like when she was first born. KILLER.).

So after a few days of crying and just wanting to give up I decided to put her on more of a schedule. I've been waking her up from naps instead of just letting her sleep as long as she wants (my child sleeps until she is absolutely famished and cranky if I let her). She now wakes up a little grumpy with me at first, but it quickly turns into a lot of playful talk, squawking, and even smiling simply because she's not starving yet! Now that I'm feeding her more often during the day, she's hitting six - sometimes even seven hour sleep stretches at night with an early morning feeding and then she goes back to sleep for two or three more hours. This has only happened the past couple nights so I'm praying to the good Lord that it becomes a habit of hers.

Also, after talking about it for a couple weeks we made the decision to have Belle start sleeping in her own room, due to the fact that she is probably the loudest sleeper in the history of babies. Seriously she never stops making noise during the night - EVER. It was starting to make both of us even more overtired than we should've been because we're both light sleepers and wake up at every weird sound she makes (and believe me, she makes a lot of weird noises because she's a funny little human and that's what they do). Anyyyyway. After fighting the whole idea, I finally gave in this weekend and we both experienced the best sleep we've gotten since Belle was born. So unless some unforeseen issue arises, we're going to keep doing that for the sanity and health of all three of us. 

Pumpkin is finally big enough for her carrier! We were both pretty excited about this!

She loves staring out of windows if she can't be outside. 
She also still has the cutest yawn in the world.

She's staying awake for longer and longer stretches during the day and it's so fun to see her watching things... following us with her eyes when we move around the room, following sounds, making more eye contact. She's still loving sitting up, but her favorite thing to do is stand up! All we have to do is keep her from toppling to the side and she keeps herself up on her own feet.... it's crazy how strong she is!

Look at those baby blues!
We just love this girl.... 
we're hoping she doesn't get spoiled from all the attention we give her because we truly can't help it! 


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