Belle's Little Space

I'd say it's about time I post this sucker, seeing as it's been sitting in my draft box since before Belle was born! We finished getting everything in her room set up about a week before she was born (shoowee - talk about cutting it close!). It looks a bit different now that we've been using the room. There is a rocking chair in place of the toy box, boxes of diapers and wipes in the corner, and the humidifier has since relocated to a more central location in the house until she starts sleeping in her room. 
Overall though, these pictures will give you a general idea of what her pretty little room looks like! 

View from the bedroom door
Notice how everything is clean, organized and not cluttered? Ya... it's not quite that way any more.... haha.

Just yesterday I moved the toy box (which is full of a bunch of my old crap and not toys) and put our rocking chair there, to make nighttime feedings a little easier. The hoard of stuffed animals she can't play with just yet are now making their home in the pack and play that she has yet to sleep in.

Can't wait until she has somewhat of an attention span so I can start reading to her!

A slightly different view from the door

Aren't those homemade blocks the cutest?
This is where I keep all her burp cloths and hygiene items within easy reach of her changing station.

View from the closet corner
Since we had a lot happen to slow down progress on the crib Barry is building by hand, we're using the pack 'n' play until he gets time to finish it up. 

So there ya have it! Her own little space that hardly gets used.... Haha. Nursery's have always been funny things to me because the baby rarely actually spends time in them for the first couple months... or until they start sleeping in their crib. We've yet to decide when that will be for Belle.... I like having her close by. :)

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  1. Too much fun! A beautiful room for a beautiful baby! :)


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