Our sweet girl is one month old already! Holy Smokes!

Look at that neck strength!

She spits on me constantly but I truly don't care.
This week was really encouraging as she's starting to get into more of a predictable schedule and she's starting nursing almost exclusively without too much trouble! I was able to leave the house twice this week for longer than an hour... so you could say I'm pretty excited! 

Now that her cord is gone, we've been giving her baths pretty frequently (especially since her vomiting is still fairly regular) and she loooooves it! Sometimes I wonder if she makes a mess of herself on purpose just so I'll put her in the tub. The picture up there on the left was taken moments before she threw up all over herself and me!

She's also still pretty keen on sunshine.... whenever we go for walks or sit outside she smiles and makes happy faces the majority of the time. It's also a surefire way to get her to sleep quickly.

We're so incredibly blessed by our baby girl. She's such a happy baby and she makes us smile constantly!

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  1. Wahoo! So exciting! Belle is growing so fast! And it looks like she's chubbing up a little, so that's good! :) And she uses her cute, little monsters towel ... I'm so glad :) Love you!


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