Our little bug is THREE WEEKS old  today! She spends more and more time awake during the day and is sleeping for longer spells at night already - thanks to her eating increasing every couple days. Though we won't know exactly how much weight she's gained until her checkup tomorrow, we're pretty sure she's been gaining that "ounce a day" the doctor ordered. She's chunking out and getting the cutest little rolls on her legs and chin!

Part way through the week my brother came into town for a day to meet lil' Belle... 
it was a lot of fun to watch them interact.

After a week full of spit ups, poopy blowouts, and peeing all over herself mid diaper change, we experienced her first bath. As is her way, she was very calm about the whole process... the soap and water didn't phase her one bit. What a goof. After drying her off she looked like a little chick with her fuzzy hair going in every which direction. I couldn't stand how cute it looked!

 This week we've noticed her getting a little more playful and definitely a lot more aware of her surroundings (like she can sense when I both enter and leave a room.... no matter how quiet I am). We can't wait until she starts reacting in smiles and laughs to all of our crazy antics with her.

One of her favorite ways to sleep is with her hands up by her face/head/neck.

This is a new thing of hers.... putting her fingers in her mouth and then seeing how far she can pull her lips. Haha.What a silly baby.

She sure makes the long nights and spit up covered t-shirts worth it.

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  1. So cute! I had my mother-in-law help with Adara's first bath because I was so nervous!


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