Bumpdate 37 Weeks

Well hello again! 37 Weeks ya'll.... it's getting down to it!
We had our ultrasound today to see if little Belle had done her thing and flipped head side down, but to no avail. I already knew she hadn't when we went in today because just the other night she pushed her head so far out you could cup your hand around it on the side of my abdomen. She has moved a little - like I think she's trying to cooperate but she's a little confused on the direction. Both of her feet are now sunk down on my bladder and her head is almost under my right rib. So breech she stays for now. The ultrasound tech thinks she may have gotten stuck in her attempt to move the right way so now she's just moving the other direction. Oh well.
The fun part is that we got to see her (very round) head on the ultrasound monitor, as well as her strong looking thigh and arm bones and her round tummy :) She's measuring at 6.5 pounds and everything is fully developed - lungs, fat storage, etc. So our girl is ready to go whenever the time comes!

Next week our doctor is going to see what she can do to flip her around and then we're going to go from there. All in all nothing to be concerned about... Belle's just either a very stubborn child already or very uncoordinated... I think both are likely to be true just because she's OURS. Haha.
We also get to meet and sit down and talk to her pediatrician - which I'm excited about!

It's going to be another full week of exciting Belle related things!
We just can't wait to meet our precious baby girl!

So what are some good things to ask a Pediatrician to see if they are a good fit for your family? 


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