Our baby girl is TWO WEEKS OLD today! This week has been full of learning and growing and eating and pooping. Seriously though our little girl is a poop machine.... it never stops! Haha.

This past week was our first week home just the two of us as Barry went back to work and my family went back home. She's still a super easy baby as long as she is fed when she is hungry - nothing else phases her. I had to run a couple errands during the day and she just went along with whatever I was doing without complaint or tears (even when it was super close to her feeding time)! We're really blessed that her personality is so laid back.
However, she did discover her voice just a couple days ago and last night when it took me a little too long to get the bottle warm she made sure that we knew she wasn't happy with the loudest sounds her vocal chords have ever produced. She sounded like a little dinosaur... it was hilarious and sad at the same time. As soon as she got her food though, it was like a light switch - gone was the wailing.... little punk! ;)

Her pose cracks me up!
 Due to her massive amount of pooping and that she's had some major spit up moments the past few days, we spend a lot of time in the nude (with the exception of a diaper). It's her favorite way to enjoy the day, so it suits me.... less laundry.

We had a couple of emotionally charged days this week... well one day in particular after the two of us getting *NO* sleep went to a lactation consult and spent the rest of the day grumpy and confused. Luckily for us we saw her pediatrician the next day and all was set right... we've still got some feeding habits to work on and she needs to keep gaining about an ounce a day, but she's healthy and eating and that's all that matters. Speaking of which.... she's up to 6lbs as of Friday! Woop! I can definitely see in her face and belly that she's gaining weight pretty steadily, which is definitely encouraging seeing as pumping/feeding schedules are a little stressful - it's good to see it's helping her chunk out :)

My little snugabug!

Since she's still so teeny, she still spends most of the day sleeping... either in her rocker or on my chest. And major win - she sleeps through everything. I tested this theory by vacuuming in the same room as her one day and she didn't even stir! Hooray!
She's also a great sleeper at night once I get her to sleep. She only wakes up every 2.5/3 hours for a clean diaper and some food and then she's out again.  

When she is awake (which is finally lasting for longer than 10 minute spurts), she spends a lot of time on her tummy working out her neck and leg muscles. The rest of her time awake is spent looking at me making funny faces at her... I have the hardest time doing anything but staring at her, when she is awake - so we do a lot of dancing to the radio and both of us making goofy faces at each other. It's a pretty good time! 

By God's grace, one of her most awake times of day is right around the time Barry gets home from work so she immediately becomes attached to him at that point until we all doze off into our family evening nap. Watching the two of them together is definitely one of my favorite times of day. 

Look at that belly. Whatta cutie!

2 Weeks!

Well I'm out before little bug wakes up from her morning snooze! 
I'm doing my best to embrace getting nothing done is just part of the new normal, 
but I'm still taking full advantage of getting a shower in every day while I can.
Can ya blame me?  


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