Four Years & Counting!

Tomorrow marks FOUR years of being married ya'll.

This fourth year has been full of so much growing and learning to love each other more as well as embarking on the adventure of parenthood together (we couldn't be more ecstatic about that fact).

You can read all about our wedding day on our 
 Second Anniversary & Third Anniversary celebratory posts!

This year I've spent time thinking about how a wedding seems like such a big deal (and rightfully so) and then you hit marriage and realize that it's actually the greater deal - it's what takes the work and the loving day in and day out even when it's hard.

This year quite a few curve balls were thrown into our lives and over&over again I was overcome with thankfulness to be married to right man - someone who loves me and makes our relationship a priority and thinks through how we can communicate better (something I will forever be working on I think). Barry is truly my other half in a way that only God could've set up so perfectly. I'm constantly amazed at how our strengths and weaknesses go hand in hand in a way that we strengthen the other (or try our hardest to). Our marriage is far from perfect, but some days it's easy to forget that, because loving Bear is so easy.

One of the greatest joys of this past year was being reunited after a 10 month deployment.  It was like getting married all over again honestly. We were both like kids in a candy shop for the first time - holding hands constantly, laughing and giggling over just looking at each other, kissing felt like fireworks and all seemed right with the world again just having him home!

Shortly after he arrived home we found out we were PREGNANT!!! After the shock wore off (mostly on my part), we couldn't have been happier! Since girls aren't a common trend in either of our families (especially Barry's) we grew keen on the idea of us having a little boy to romp around and do crazy things with soon. Little did we know that God wasn't through surprising us! When we found out that our munchkin was a little girl, we were beside ourselves with astonishment and glee! She isn't even here yet and we already can't imagine life without her!

Literally have no idea how my bump is hiding in this picture.

#4 - you've been OH-SO-GOOD to us! We're so excited for what year #5 is about to bring us... especially all the sleepless nights with our baby and seeing how well we love each other when our world is no longer just the two of us ;)

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  1. Love you guys! So excited to meet little Belle! Happy Anniversary dear friend! <3


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