Bumpdate 36 Weeks

Our little wiggle worm is about the size of a bowling ball, weighing somewhere close to six pounds now!
I've gained a couple more pounds since the last bumpdate making my overall weight gain right around 20lbs (not bad at all).

Today began my weekly appointments to start checking my cervix (oh joy!). Since Belle has been a pretty cooperative baby thus far, I had no doubt that today would go smoothly and just as expected, but goodness me she surprised us all. I'm just at a centimeter dilated which my doctor said is all good, but while she was poking around up there she realized she wasn't feeling Belle's head where it should be ("should" meaning if she was in the right position for labor). So in rolls an ultrasound machine to figure out just exactly what she's doing in there. Lo & behold my baby girl is a stinker and she's breech. She's a funny sort of breech too - she's got her head poking out on the side of my abdomen instead of just being flip flopped. Which explains my rather football shaped belly when she stretches and why sleeping on my side is just as uncomfortable as sleeping any other way these days. Our doctor also discovered that she's got one of her feet (her heel to be specific) digging down deep, resting on my bladder. Sooooo all the weird pains I've been getting around my bladder have indeed been my silly little girl.

The doctor said Belle is perfectly healthy, but of course this means the higher likelihood of a C-section & induction. Next week we have a detailed ultrasound scheduled to see if she has flipped and if she hasn't we've scheduled a "version" a few days after the ultrasound, to see if the doctor's can move her to where she needs to be. Either way, and without giving the internet all the details, it's looking like my doctor would like to see her greet the world a little earlier than her due date... so now Bear and I are getting everything ready for that possibility!

Earlier this week I got a lot of the stuff on my checklist done. All of her belongings are washed and clean (hopefully by the end of the day they will also all be put away). Her room is just about ready for her after being showered with all sorts of goodies last weekend in Indiana by my family and friends. The rest of what we need is on it's way here (courtesy of online shopping). I now have all the stuff for my hospital bag and will be packing that up as soon as I post this. Tomorrow I'm hoping to make a trip over to the fire station and have our car seat installed - then we'll be as ready as we need to be for her arrival.... even if there are things I'd still like to have done in addition to all that, haha.

It's starting to get real folks.... Barry is a bit like a kid at Christmas these days whereas I'm a little jittery thinking about Belle being here so soon!

So Mama's - any advice for calming the about-to-have-baby jitters?


  1. Oh my goodness. SO incredibly excited for you!!!

    1. Thanks friend! We're getting pretty excited too!

  2. I saw Barry yesterday - definitely like a kid at Christmas!!! And he was appalled that my niece's hubby wants to deliver her baby!

    1. Oh he for sure is! He positively giddy!
      Haha, that doesn't surprise me - he's all about letting the doctor's deal with all that!

  3. Wow! That is a lot to take in for you two! But everything will work out great! I love you, and I will keep praying for you three! :)


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