Bumpdate 35 Weeks

Via Jessica McIntosh Photography
This week I figure I'd let you see my Belle bump through the lens of our awesome photographer friend who took maternity photos for us this week! Follow the above link to the rest of the teaser photos she posted!

This week has been more intensity of the same stuff from the last couple weeks. Our little Belle is running out of room and my belly feels a bit like a balloon at it's popping point (and she's still got about a month to keep growing.... holy cow!). More than likely she's a little more than 5lbs at this point even though I would swear she weighs about 10lbs as I can hardly lift myself into an upright position anymore without struggling or grunting like an animal (seriously though... it's become a laughing point with Barry and I in the evenings when I'm moving around off the couch and or bed).

Otherwise we're both healthy and happy!
We visited the hospital, that we're delivering at, for a tour and just loved everything about it - so thankful for God's provision there! I also started my weekly doctor visits this week and everything is looking good. They'll start measuring things in a little more detail starting next week but so far everything about Belle seems to be healthy and on schedule!

Tomorrow we set off for Indiana to visit with family and friends and for my last baby shower! We're all a little anxious about the road trip and how long it will turn out to be with so many pee breaks, but overall I think it'll be a fun weekend :)

Any roadtrippin' tips for this already awkward sittin' mama?


  1. You look beautiful! I've been enjoying the bumpdates, even though I think this is the first one I've commented on. :)

    1. Oh thank you so much! I'm glad you're enjoying them!


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