Bumpdate 34 Weeks

This week has brought about new challenges, but we're still smiling!
Belle is weighing in at somewhere close to 5lbs and because of my short abdomen space - she's trying to find room in there, haha. Which really means she's crushing my bladder and stomach and even intestines so that she can fit. Yay. I can't complain though, she's still not kicking my ribs or making my life too miserable (yet), but due to her size it's just increasingly uncomfortable.
The past few days I've been wondering if I was sick with some sort of stomach bug only to realize that I just can't fit as much into my stomach at one time because there is literally no room. So I've had to change up my eating... which is hard because just like the first trimester - food doesn't even sound good half the time... unless it's potato chips (weirdest craving yet - seeing as I normally hate potato chips).
This week I've also been going through random waves of utter exhaustion... probably because I haven't really stopped stressing in a few weeks and I haven't been sleeping that great due to her growth spurts. Whatever it is, at least I have an excuse to sleep in until ungodly hours.

In other news, I'm sloooooowly starting to get Belle's room in order. Let me state again - SLOWLY. Putting things away, taking duplicates back, moving things out of the room that don't need to be there. If you actually looked in Belle's room you wouldn't think I have been working on getting it ready at all... but I promise you, I have. Tomorrow if I have time I'm hoping to take the stroller out of the box and set it up, maybe wash a load of her clothes/linens... I have great hopes! 

This week I experienced panic over the whole labor process for the first time.... mostly for what comes immediately after - but a little about the pain of the whole thing too I guess. Barry and I chose to forgo prenatal classes (somewhat because I wasn't on top of getting us signed up for one... haha) so yesterday I just thought over-thought about how I'm not going to know what to do when I go into labor and we aren't going to know what to do with a newborn and blahblahblah the world is going to burn. Thankfully Barry didn't let me wallow too long in it.... but man, it was a freak-out moment for sure.
Glad it's passed.

Today I'm just super happy about everything to do with babies and Belle. Probably because I got to hold one of her newborn friends yesterday and hold another one of her soon to be buds for a lot of the evening!

So what has been your best way to deal with anxiety moments Momma's?
And can ya share the secret on shaving your legs when you can't even see half your legs without a mirror? (Seriously though - HOW?)


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