Bumpdate 33 Weeks

This week has been a bit of a doozy, Belle is growing so fast that my body doesn't quite know how to accommodate her. Being short-waisted doesn't help the situation but for right now I'm counting my blessings in that our girl likes burrowing low instead of getting up under my ribs. It makes sitting and bending difficult, but at least she isn't jabbing my ribcage regularly (only when she does somersaults).
Due to the extra weight from her little body, my doctor is pretty sure she's loosened a joint in my foot to the point where I'm having trouble staying on my right foot for any length of time (byebye workouts for the time being).

Speaking of weight, I've gained about 5 pounds in the past two weeks (yikes) and lil Belle Anne is weighing in at just over 4 pounds (growing like a weed, I'm telling you!). I'm trying to not freak out too much about gaining weight, but it's ingrained in me to not want to see the number on the scale go up, you know? Oh well.... healthy growing baby.

At this point in the game our little nugget's lungs are pretty well equipped for functioning completely on their own, so if she decided to push her way out of the womb early, she'd be tiny, but would be fine. Not that we're hoping for such an early arrival, but her daddy is convinced that she'll be coming somewhat early because of all the movement and BH contractions I have.

This week she's also gotten into the habit of evening hiccups. I have to make sure I stand up when she has a hiccup fit, because of how low she's sitting my bladder and pelvic bone feel like they are rattling when I don't stretch my waist out. It's such a weeeeird feeling guys. So weird.

This week I've also been getting things together in her room a little more and finally found a pediatrician clinic covered by insurance. Next on my list is to pack a hospital bag & wash all of her clothes, blankets & towels (once we get our dryer working).

Mommas, what are the must haves for the hospital?


  1. Here is what I learned on the hospital bag:

    Bring your OWN clothes for Belle, and put them on her instead of the hospital "standard issue". Poor Ivan started breaking out in these sad red rashes all over once they dressed him - the nurse told me (later) "oh, yeah, the baby laundry gets washed with lots of harsh chemicals to make sure it's hygenic for the next baby".
    So - bring your own onesies, or swaddle wrap, or sleeper - if you want peace of mind and a rash-free baby.

    If you're nursing....don't forget a nursing bra and pads. These make life easier, especially when you and your body are making it up as you go. :)

    I brought flip flops for the hospital shower.

    Bring a hairband/barettes/bobby pins/elastics - nothing frustrates like sweaty hair that keeps sticking to you as you do the most intense workout ever.

    Bring your own comfy clothes (sweatpants, a shirt you can nurse in some way or other) if you don't want all your first pictures together to be in a *vomit* hospital gown.

    Bring a sweatshirt in case you're cold -
    Bring a tank top in case you're hot! LOL, hormones keep on rollin.....

    Actually, my happy nursing secret is: stretchy spandex camisoles from Goodwill. (cheap-o!) These are awesome because you can just pull down the side you want to nurse and don't have to flash the world your flabby, jiggly, purple, life-giving, rapidly-shrinking, incredible post-baby belly. Not that you care at the hospital because they've already seen it all, but it's nice when you have guests in your room. Or once you go home. Or are in public. :) These spandex beauties also are great for helping hold everything in at the bottom (more post-baby belly jiggles), and stretch with you at the top. {ah, the life of a cow}

    Most of all, leave your fears and "what-if's" at home and let the Lord unfold the day one moment at a time, one contraction at a time, as He brings your amazing, wonderful, beautiful baby girl into your arms!!!!!

    1. What a great list! Thank you SO much! This is immensely helpful :) I especially love the bring your own clothes tip - I never would've guessed they'd use such harsh chemicals on baby stuff, but I guess that makes sense!

  2. You are so cute! And so close to holding your little girl!

    1. Aw thanks! We're so excited! She's running out of room in there, so any time now ;)

  3. to add to the list above, bring depends for after the birth while in the hospital, the ones the come apart on the sides. Yes, I know this sounds horrible but it was soooo much more comfortable than the horrible huge pads they give you. Best gift I ever got at a baby shower.
    If you are going to b=nurse don't forget your nipple soothing cream, The first couple days can be a little sore.
    Your favorite pillow and favorite snacks for after you are done. I was amazed at how quickly I got hungry and the kitchen was closed so they only had jello.
    Chap stick and yummy smelling lotion.
    My favorite thing to lounge around in was a nursing tank top and comfy robe over it. I could take it off easily and slide it on when someone came in.
    Baby soap and lotion.
    Bring a heating pad, if you have back labor like I did an epidural will not do work (something they don't tell you) and the heat could be your saving grace :)
    I am a big music person so I had my favorite music to listen to.

    Most of all, enjoy every minute. It is wonderful and you will miss it once it's all over.

    Love to you three!
    Tricia and Colton

    1. Haha, I love your honesty! I will definitely pack this list - I really appreciate you sharing Tricia :)
      All my love to you and Colton!


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