Whirlwind Month

It's been a while since I posted something personal about our life on the ol' blog beside the weekly bumpdates!
Mostly because our life has been a bit of a crazy town lately. It's good, just a bit overwhelming.

This past month has brought a ton of awesome changes as well as crazy situations...
Barry got promoted at Cottage Cove, I became a stay at home wife, Belle is growing and developing perfectly, our housing addition is still coming together and the past few days will just need to be explained in order for it to be at all understandable.

So Bear got promoted!!!
He's now the Director of Operations at Cottage Cove! He's in charge of all staffing and their training as well as a ton of other things. This adds a lot of extra responsibility to an already full ministry work load for him, but he loves it. Cottage Cove is expanding & growing in so many ways this year! I'm so excited to see how God is using the Cove to reach into so many needy families' lives! Even though ministry life is chaotic and busy at times, I'm so thankful for a husband who works faithfully where he is called to be and that I can still be involved.

Being a stay at home wife has been so good in every way. I'm so blessed that God made a way for me to be at home just in time for Belle. It hasn't come without it's fair share of emotional adjusting and we've had a few faith testing situations thrown our way about becoming a solo ministry income household. 
Emotionally, I hadn't realized how much of myself was wrapped up in my job until I no longer had it. Cottage Cove is such a big part of my life that not being a part of everything has been a little weird. Ultimately though, it's been fun settling into my new stage of life and contributing to our growing family by spending time finding ways to save money and get things done around the house that otherwise we'd be stressing to get done with both of us working full time. Switching to one income has definitely tested my frugality, but I've enjoyed the challenge thus far. Of course what would life be like without God throwing a few curveballs our way? Which brings me to the rest of our life updates... haha.

Since the week before Christmas, Barry has been working on our house with every spare moment he has. He is lovingly adding an extra room to our humble shoebox. All the rooms except the kitchen and Belle's nursery will eventually move around so that we have a bigger living room to fill with people and babies and a dining room to have family meals in. It's been so exciting to see things progress paired with being a little disheartening with how it's taking us a lot longer to finish, due to Barry's two work schedules and the fact that I'm preggers and can't be out helping when no one else is able to be working with him. We've had a handful of selfless people willing to brave the cold with him and that's always encouraging for us - so thank you friends!

I realize it isn't finished and this isn't even an up to date photo, but doesn't it look phenomenal already? I'm so proud of my husband. He's the hardest working, most determined man I know... I definitely married someone like my dad in that regard. I'm just so proud of his "don't quit" attitude even when things get rough.

Speaking of rough...

The little time Barry has had left at the end of the day and the couple of weekends the Army hasn't claimed him recently, he's been spending working on the house. The week the Army had him all day Saturday so he chose to work on the house all day Sunday. When I got home from church, I was greeted with seeing my husband had fallen on his face and had a few cracked teeth and bloody lip. Oh ya, and told that he had also stepped on a nail. So that was a fun way to start the week.
I'm pretty sure anyone else would've quit for the day (I definitely would've), as his teeth were so cracked and chipped that the cold air was even causing pain, but not my man. He worked straight through evening, with the help of a few guys who came over shortly after lunch.


He went to the dentist first thing Monday morning, but only after first discovering that we had no water pressure in the house whatsoever.
It was below freezing out, so we chocked it up to frozen pipes and went on about our day.
I ran the faucets on full force all morning assuming that by the time Barry got back from the dentist, there would be enough water flowing to fix lunch and for me to take a shower. No such luck though, so we just made due thinking by evening if we kept things dripping that the pipes would eventually thaw.

Several hours later when Barry called me to tell me he was on his way home from work, something funky started happening with his (new-to-us) truck, so he got off the phone and we figured we'd look into that when he got home. I should note that this happened in the middle of him telling me that the kids had been cray-cray all day (crazy kids does not a less stressful day make).
As soon as he arrived home, before we had even said hello, we found a note attached to our door (I hadn't gone outside all day) from our neighbor saying he saw water coming our of the back of our finished shed.
So curveball king of them all - our shed was completely flooded... tools, Belle's crib, extra wood & supplies, and a myriad of other things all under inches of water. Our pipes hadn't been frozen after all - a pipe had actually BURST and was pouring water into our shed for who knows how long.

Whew. Rather than telling you the details of the few hours following that horrendous find and all the emotions that were coming up... I'll just briefly tell you that I stayed the night at the in-laws while Barry was taking care of things at the house. The pipe was able to be repaired late that night and we have running water again. Praise.The.Lord.

As of today, our truck is still sitting in the shop waiting for a diagnosis and I'm taking Barry into work each day. Hopefully when he comes home tonight he will have heard from the shop. The tooth Barry cracked the worst is waiting on approval from the military to get the root canal and other work it needs.... which could take up to three weeks to hear back on. I also discovered that our shed pipes froze again due to a breaker popping and the heat turning off. So I've been dealing with that mess this afternoon.

We're both a little pooped to say the least.

It's been a lot to process the past couple days to be sure.
I had a friend take me out for brunch yesterday which helped me immensely, just feeling loved on in the midst of such a chaotic couple of days.We also had a couple close friends tell us they were making us dinner last night and they picked Barry up from work! Such a blessing!

I know God is doing something amidst this craziness.... I mean He's got to be. Stuff like this doesn't just happen all at the same time coincidentally. Even though it's hard to sort out and find the good in it, I'm sure it'll become clear pretty quickly. Who knows what the rest of this week will bring... maybe some more dramatic adventure? Shoowee, I hope not.... but if so, I honestly don't think it'd surprise me in the least. Haha. We're doing the best we can to keep a good perspective in all of it, but it doesn't make it any less stressful or frustrating.

However, this song on the other hand always brightens my day. Barry introduced me to it back when we were dating and I was going through a really rough time and it's just been one of those songs that has popped up in our relationship from time to time when we've had those "when it rains, it pours". I couldn't help humming it to myself today and smiling while I braved the cold to warm up the shed.

So that's our life in a nutshell this month. It's been a lot, but when is life not a lot to handle?
So thankful for being able to trust that God's got it all under control and for friends who have found ways to love on us and encourage us amidst the craziness.

Have you ever had "one of those months"?

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  1. Oh my gosh! I'm gonna have to call you to check on you, woman!!!


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