Lately I've been thankful for

Blankets & shelter to keep us warm during the treacherous "polar vortex" / God making a way for me to stay@home & not have to work full time / Friends who give up days at a time to help us build onto our house / A husband who makes me giggle daily / Accountability & all that it encourages us to do / Maternity more than ever / Companies & corporations who go above & beyond to show military service members they are grateful / Chai tea & the necessary boost of caffeine it will give me when I really need a kick in the pants / Bright blue winter skies / People who remember we're all just people.

Cheers to practicing thankfulness!

1 comment:

  1. Amen! And amen! God has been teaching me so much about thankfulness for several months! I wish I could say I have it down ... but at least I've made progress. God is good! I'm thankful for His love and grace and purpose. And I'm thankful for YOU, Emily! I love you and miss you tons!


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