Photo Booth Fun

I'm a sucker for any chance to take pictures with friends, so at our annual New Year's Eve party last week, I put together a simple "photo booth" for doing just that! Luckily the nursery is almost completely empty and the largest wall is a perfect color for a backdrop. I just cut star shapes out of colored paper and attached them to a few strings - whala! Here are a few of my favorite photos from the night!

Happy 2014!

Beautiful girls!


I love this woman!

Peas in a pod

Bear was smiling at how hard of a time I was having reach his cheek with Belle in the way!

Couldn't love this man more.

Anyone else have ideas for easy photo booth backdrops?


  1. Wow! What fun!!! .... Hey, you should post some of our pictures from my last visit on facebook. :) Hee Hee! Pictures are so much fun! I love your ideas!

  2. Aww...I love you, too!!!

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